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Run and Find Out
I like to learn something new every day.

Today's experiment: lime sherbet / ginger ale float

Results: Pretty good actually. Requires a bit of waiting for the appropriate quantity of lime sherbet to melt before it reaches the peak of flavor.

Additional results: Produces nice tough foam which is fun to blow on and watch scatter about the inside of the glass.

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ZOMG that sounds SO GOOD.

So...baby shower/wedding shower/wedding reception/etc. punch for one?

This is not to knock it or anything -- shower punch is generally tasty!

I don't think I've run across punch with a sherbet component before. Ginger ale, yes, fruit juice, yes, big floating chunks of ice, yes, so it would fit fairly naturally into the set, but I haven't run into it in the wild.

Making a big vat of this stuff doesn't sound like a great idea, either -- the foam seems like it would be problematic somehow. (I may now have to try it and find out. Hmm. Have I a large enough container? Better use a cheaper brand of ginger ale, too.)

I'm not sure what the canonical proportions are, as I've never been in charge of it, but yeah, it's pretty common in my experience. Basically, pick one from lime, orange, or rainbow sherbet and one from ginger ale, Sprite, 7-Up, Fresca; combine in punchbowl. Fancy variations might include using both orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream, adding fruit, etc.

I don't think it keeps; it's generally mixed and consumed on site, over 2-3 hours at most, and replenished as needed.

I used to make these all the time. Canada Dry definitely tasted the best. I would put them in a blender and make a uniform drink instead of having a float. Very nice!

Ooh, blending would fix the wait-to-melt problem. Does it reduce the carbonation? I like carbonation.

I'm sure you lose some carbonation, but it was still really good. Try it out.

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