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Ew ew ew ew ew ew
I hate the downstairs toilet so much.

If you'll excuse me, I need to go boil my feet.


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I recall having a bit of that problem myself when I was there. Down with toilets! Wait...no... I mean..

It's not all toilets... just that one. The one that is EVIL.

Oh, and the one out by the laundry room at my parents' place. That one's evil too.

But not as evil as the one downstairs. We should just wrap that sucker up in CAUTION tape and use the room as an extra closet.

When Brooks and I were considering that place, we seriously expected to use that bathroom as a closet. So, we at least, wouldn't find it strange.

It does already contain the broom, the mop, assorted random decorative items that didn't need to go elsewhere, the extra paper towels (handy, that!), and, for some reason, a box of Legos.


So it's had some practice being a closet already....

We had the most awful toilet overflow ever (though I shouldn't tempt fate by saying that) a few months ago -- even out into the hall, and about an hour and a half to clean up, including with the shopvac. My feet definitely know the feeling ...

I feel your pain. This one did not touch carpet, thank whatever vile powers control toilet overflows, and was containable with only a mop, half a roll of paper towels, and a significant fraction of a bottle of 409.

The worst part is that moment where you think "Okay, now the water will stop rising... will STOP rising... OH GOD NO" and you lunge for the top of the tank to rip it off and manually block the treacherous, treacherous valve BUT IT IS TOO LATE.

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