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I got a Dreamwidth account, because some people seemed to be moving over there. I'm not planning to do anything with it other than read people who've moved.

So far most people seem to be copying posts to both places. I do not want to read posts twice, so I'd like to take one or the other off the list. If different things are posted in each place, that's fine and I'll keep both. If some posts are in one place but not the other, I would like to keep the one with all the posts. If comments are encouraged in one place but not the other, I would like to keep the one with the comments.

Poll #1429961 Dreamwidth

Where should I be reading you?

Dreamwidth, but please leave me on your LJ friendslist so I can see locked stuff

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In theory, it should all be both places. In practice, right now, between 5 and 10 percent of posts are only on LJ, and there are a few DW-only posts that are housekeeping or meta stuff about DW. So, if you don't care about the housekeeping, here is good for now. At some point I may move over there entirely; I suspect there are a bunch of us who are thinking "when it gets to critical mass" but have different definitions of that. Or, if LJ management does something else I find too obnoxious, I might go sooner.

The last option on the post made me a little confused because I suddenly wasn't sure if the poll was really about reading you or reading me or both or whichever. Anyway.

I'm crossposting everything to both places, so you can read me on whichever you prefer, but you don't have to read me on both by any means.

I'm reading both places, but like you, only want to read one copy of each post, so I will read whichever site has the most complete copy of your content. If they are going to be 100% identical, I'll probably read on dreamwidth.

Let me know?

I am not planning to post on Dreamwidth at all, so you should read me here.

Currently I read everything on my friendslist, so if someone wants me to read them on Dreamwidth and also posts everything to LJ, the easy thing would be to drop them from the LJ friendslist. If such a person exists and would also prefer to see my friendslocked posts, I will have to think about what to do about that. (People who are only posting on DW and not copying to LJ are easy to leave on LJ because then I'm not seeing things twice.)

Probably the easiest thing to do at this time then is to just continue reading each other on LJ.

If I ever hit a point where my content is going to be different between the two sites, I'll make a post about it first.

You can create a default reading filter omitting people who crosspost but want to read locked content.

(Deleted comment)
THis is true of me as well -- I get significantly more comments on LJ (although I do get comments on both).

I've been wondering of late if Dreamwidth has "legs" in a real "can someday replace LJ" sense. It seems that maybe 5% of my friends list migrated over very quickly and then it sort of stagnated at that juncture, and the remaining 95% have no intention of ever moving.

An interesting question.

Personally, I'm waiting for the "read your LJ friendslist on DW, intermingled with your DW friendslist" -- which is entirely possible, and I'm given to understand that it's a planned feature, but it's not there yet.

I very very rarely make an LJ post that's not on Dreamwidth. The only reason I can think of that I'd want to do so is that I can post polls on LJ and I was thinking I couldn't on Dreamwidth, but now that I think about it, I think I can there too... so yeah, Dreamwidth, since all comments are there.

I grabbed a DW account for name-staking purposes, but I"m not currently using it. I might, in theory, use it to comment there on something i read here, or if enough people move, but right now, I'm OK just reading here.

I try to remember to cross-post everything but if I forget then LJ gets my words of wisdom not DW.

Thus far DW has managed to irritate me more than LJ, I am not planning on moving over there, I have my username on there and I look at my reading page every week or so just to make sure I've not missed anything/one posted there. The only time I actually do anything on the site is when someone comments there instead of LJ, which is quite rare but not unheard of.

I'm posting exclusively through DW and using it's cross-post feature to mirror entries on LJ, but most people are still commenting on my LJ entries rather than on DW.

I'd never even heard of Dreamwidth until today. Should I feel lame?

I got a DW account and have crossposting all set up but I keep forgetting to post from there. After, uhhhh, 7 years LJ is a bit of a habit!

I'm in both places, and crosspost from DW to LJ. Read me wherever suits you best.

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