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Another Wedding
andres_s_p_b's brother is now safely married off. We are running short of brothers, here.

It was a lovely wedding -- great location, good food, cute little self-written bit of vows. The officiant had a nice voice and was good at directing things (they stuck a little handfasting bit in the middle, so there was some moving around). In the middle of the ceremony the wind kicked up and tried to steal the veil, which was hilarious. I believe the official photographer got some pictures of it, and I hope those get shared.

One of the bride's relatives looks remarkably like my maternal grandfather.

I wound up in a much more suit-like suit than I had been planning. The trouble with figuring out exactly what I want and then shopping for it is that, of course, stores don't carry exactly what I want. But I'm fairly happy with the suit, except for the annoying fakeness of the jacket pockets. Really, if I didn't want the line spoiled, I could just not put things in actual pockets. I'd like to have the option.

Having the pants altered to fit me better worked really well and was quick and cost only $26. I'm going to do it all the time now that I have learned this.

I did a good job managing my reaction to noise. (The location helped here -- there was a lot of nicely accessible far-away-from-speakers-and-people outdoor space to go hide and watch bats in.) It took a little while to figure out how to properly seat my new earplugs, but they worked well once I got them all the way in. I basically checked out around 9:30 or 10:00 and read one of the coffee-table books with my earplugs in for the rest of the night, but I had a reasonably good time before that and I didn't cry at all. (andres_s_p_b came over a couple of times to check on me and bring me tea after I had finished, which was nice of him.)

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Are the pockets really fake, or just sewn shut? I was pleased but confused to discover that a lot of apparently-fake pockets are really just sewn-shut pockets.

And hmm, earplugs. I don't know your reactions to noise, but I know I often ask my Nate to lower his voice because I feel shouted at when he feels like he's talking at a normal conversational volume. Maybe I should look into earplugs myself.

Hmmm. Hmmmmmm. You know, I think they might be. I can't see the pocket-pouch, because there is lining over it, but it does rather feel like there might be one in there. It's very thoroughly sewn shut, though. I'm not sure how to get in there and open it up without doing some damage. This bears further investigation.

Earplugs are not really a satisfactory solution for me unless I have already progressed to the I'll-just-pretend-I'm-not-here stage, because while they do cut down on the noise, they also prevent me from hearing anybody talking to me at all. My hearing is already not so good for hearing people talking to me, because I don't tune out background noise well (so I can hear that people are talking, but not what they are saying, in noisy environments like restaurants or parties where there are several simultaneous conversations). Earplugs cut everything down the same amount, so the people-talking drops out entirely when the background noise is reduced to a comfortable level. Andrés seems to be able to hear people talking still when he has earplugs in, so he does better wearing them at things where he would still like to have ears.

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