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The way this works is you say "Words!" and I give you five words that remind me of you, and then you explain them a bit.

Like so, from fluffthebunny:

The thing I like about rats is how individual they are. Each rat has very specific and distinct preferences, habits, and reactions -- Aphrodite likes to stretch her paws through the cage bars to grab fingers, Odin squeaks when you pick him up, Tethys likes wrestling (and flirting) with the boys but doesn't like us humans much (except Andrés).

One of the confusing things about fencing as a sport is right-of-way. If someone is attacking you, you must parry (or avoid) their attack before you make your own, even if you hit them before they hit you. This is because, if the swords were actually sharp, you would really prefer to have dealt with that incoming pointy thing in such a way that it does not at any time enter your body.

Also, when someone is parrying your attack, you can disengage and come around their parry, blithely continuing the attack, although possibly not towards quite the same target. I really liked practicing disengages.

Boy I miss fencing.

The advantage of having long hair, for me, is that I have a toy with me all the time. I can fiddle with the end of my usual braid, which is interesting texturally, or I can sit there braiding and rebraiding and doing various complicated things (especially if armed with tools).

The difference between my usual braid and a French braid, in terms of how they make my face look, is quite striking, especially because the braid itself is entirely invisible from the front perspective.

My current bicycle is named Thorin Greyjoy. My previous bicycle was half-named Binky, and half-named [something Death's horse is named in some work of fiction other than Discworld which is more impressive-sounding than "Binky"]. I never ran across another work of fiction in which Death's horse had a name, so the other half never got filled in. Binky was stolen from one of the bicycle racks outside the Mountain View train station, which are shaped like pennyfarthings. They are not very efficient bicycle racks.

One thing I think about a lot and have not come to any satisfactory conclusions on is the variably transitive nature of family. It results in very strange overlapping Venn diagrams of who is family to whom. The shape of a family looks very different to each person in it, both because of perspective and because who is in the family may very well be different for each family member. (This is all predicated on a very modern-Western sense of families as conglomerations of individuals rather than an older sense of family as basic unit of organization, of course.)

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power lines
foxes ('cos of that one icon)

The thing about rats is that if you had cats or dogs instead and I said, "Probably she regards Andrés as more or less a great big cat/dog," that would be culturally less loaded than saying, "Probably she regards Andrés as a great big rat." Poor rats.

It was an extremely good thing when I recognized that recognizing someone as my family and sharing someone as their own family were not the same thing for all my family members all the time. Strangely, I think that realization (or, more to the point, my slight behavior shift based on it) was part of what paved the road for some of my family members to accept each other as family.

"Probably she regards Andrés as a great big rat."

Hee. I don't think she likes him that much -- just better than the rest of the humans.

It is tricky working around the cultural loading sometimes. (I have been known to refer to myself as the Alpha Rat in similar circumstances.)

Now I'm wondering if Death in the Incarnations of Immortality had a named horse....


video games

Why waves, if I can ask? Now that I've done the meme.

I think you'd just got back from a field trip at the coast. Or had been telling a story about a previous field trip. Or something like that.


Or does it only work with the exclamation point?


(Words are hard! I forgot about the translating part.)


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