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Ouch, part 2
I strained my back lifting a heavy thing incorrectly. It doesn't feel too bad as long as I don't bend, but not bending is weird.

I wish it had started hurting immediately, so I would know which stupid thing to never ever do again, but it waited for an hour or two instead. Grr.

Things this has taught me instead of how not to lift: You can have a surprising amount of fun lying flat on your back on top of a bag of frozen peas, but the peas will thaw. Frozen spinach thaws faster than frozen peas. I am apparently immune to menthol; the Icy Hot, it does nothing. Walking is better than sitting; lying down is kind of intermediate. Unless there are peas.

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Have you determined how many mattresses you can feel the peas through?

Probably none; I was using a handkerchief instead of a towel around them because the towel was too insulating.

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