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ASL Songs
This guy's doing really adorable ASL versions of a bunch of songs, including some of Jonathan Coulton's. ("First of May" was going around a while back -- same guy.)

He put together a great costume for Re: Your Brains. I really like the chorus.

Here's Still Alive, from Portal. Good facial expressions; I think they match the tone of the song quite nicely.

I don't know enough ASL to tell how good the translations are, but I like the literal retranslations over in the info pane.
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Oh, now that's good! Until the artist makes some serious music videos, this will help me get my visual fix. I only recently got turned onto Jonathan Coulton

That is awesome. I love watching people sign. Keeps more of my brain busy!

That... is TOTALLY AWESOME. I know some ASL, but would really like to learn more. I should break out my book again, though it would really help if I had someone to sign with. Chris hasn't shown much interest in learning.

I took a bit of ASL after school for a little while in middle school. It was fun, but I don't remember much.

I love that people can easily film and post bits of things these days; that seems like a much better learning method than trying to get the motions from books. I'm not sure how much more useful it is for me, though. I seem to have some kind of perceptual/translation disorder that makes it hard to learn motions from watching people facing me (especially videos); I tend to mirror instead of copying, and move in the same front/back direction instead of forward when they go forward and back when they go back, and I don't really realize I'm doing any of it. Works a lot better if I can get the person to stand next to me instead, so I can copy exactly.

Which is to say, if you want to pick ASL back up at some point I will be a cheerful Learning Buddy, but I will also suck.

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