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Things I want

* A bathing suit that fits. I haven't had one of these since puberty, and looking for one has become very stressful.

* A long-hair buddy. I have all these ideas for interesting and complicated braids, and they are a bit much for me to do on my own head. I would like someone to trade ideas with, who will let me test my theories on their hair and will try interesting things on mine. Either half of this is also good, so someone short-haired who likes playing with other people's hair or someone long-haired who isn't particularly interested in messing with other people's hair but doesn't mind me testing things on him or her would also be good.
* Some person or persons of roughly my skill level to play not-very-competitive tennis or volleyball or something with.
* More female friends. There is a significant gender imbalance in my social circle, and it is weirding me out.

* Something that gets me using my body qua body, like a martial art or some form of dance.

This is more a pondering than a request for advice. (Unless you have specific suggestions about the bathing suit; I'd be all over those.)
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