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Things I want
* A bathing suit that fits. I haven't had one of these since puberty, and looking for one has become very stressful.

* A long-hair buddy. I have all these ideas for interesting and complicated braids, and they are a bit much for me to do on my own head. I would like someone to trade ideas with, who will let me test my theories on their hair and will try interesting things on mine. Either half of this is also good, so someone short-haired who likes playing with other people's hair or someone long-haired who isn't particularly interested in messing with other people's hair but doesn't mind me testing things on him or her would also be good.
* Some person or persons of roughly my skill level to play not-very-competitive tennis or volleyball or something with.
* More female friends. There is a significant gender imbalance in my social circle, and it is weirding me out.

* Something that gets me using my body qua body, like a martial art or some form of dance.

This is more a pondering than a request for advice. (Unless you have specific suggestions about the bathing suit; I'd be all over those.)

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I do indeed wish that I was nearby for the hair thing. I never did like messing with my hair very much, which is why my hair has been chopped off. :) I'm told it looks good though. However, I do miss messing with other people's hair. I love to braid. *sigh*

Ah well. I've been trying to think of things I really need too. I need some fresh friends. You know, some that aren't past their expiration date. That and I am desperately needing to lose weight. Marlon has gotten me on a fitness thing now, so that's a plus. But I managed to gain it within such a short amount of time that I just can't fit half of my bras anymore ... >_< So when I say really badly ...? Yeah, REALLY BADLY need to lose weight.

Oh, man, the bra thing. When I gain weight it goes straight to my bust. But it doesn't come off there, oh no. It comes off my wrists and ankles. Which is so not helpful.

It's a shame we don't live on the same continent, I'd love a long hair buddy for the same reasons. Plus, I'm female and could recommend a good martial arts school :)

Blasted ocean, being all in the way.

Clearly, we live too far apart. Still.

Teleporters, that's the ticket.

I'm not stalking you so much as I'm stuck in traffic and playing with my phone's web interface, honest.

I would be happy to get to know you better, and if you'd be interested in climbing some time or in a very uncoordinated racquetball partner, I'd be willing. As you can tell from my userpic, I like experimenting with hair, too.

Ooh, racquetball. That's almost better than tennis, because the ball doesn't have so many opportunities to escape.

That is a most excellent experimentation in the userpic.

Yep, my thinking exactly. I am generally uncoordinated doing anything not dance or climbing related, and tennis has this ability to make me feel more awkward than usual. But I am wanting exercise that will keep me moving, and B and I are finishing our last series of ballroom dance classes at this studio, so I should have slightly more free time than before.

I know that I have racquetball courts free of charge on campus that I can get us into. How are you with coming up to Stanford once in a while? (I'd need to locate racquets, balls and such, but I can start speculating early.)

I have not actually been to Stanford as yet, but I've gone past it so I'm sure it can be gotten to.

Might be time to take this to e-mail, unless anyone else would like to join us.

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