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I am running a game of Nobilis for andres_s_p_b, brooksmoses, chinders, argh128, and cobalt_00.

In just a minute here, I will be setting up a filter that doesn't have them on it, so folks can help me brainstorm. If you want to be on it, or don't want to be on it, drop a note here and I will adjust. I haven't actually used a filter before, so this will be an interesting experiment.

You do not have to know anything whatsoever about the game to help brainstorm, although an interest in mythology may be helpful.

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I don't know how useful I'll be for things, but I'll be happy to play with your brainstorming thing.

this sounds like fun!

If you feel like adding clawfoot to your friends list and putting her on that filter, I think this sounds right up her alley and she would probably be more than happy to contribute. (Also, she is awesome.)

I don't know how useful I'd be, but I'd love to be on the filter.

I won't be usefull at all, but I promise I won't tell anyone anything.

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