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Fancy-Schmancy Cream Puffs

Pursuant to this discussion over here, I have made cream puffs. I have made damned complicated cream puffs, which is, I think, missing the point of cream puffs a bit. But they are tasty.

Layer 1: Pastry from this recipe, which was lovely and simple and worked perfectly.
Layer 2: Pastry cream brooksmoses made from the Joy of Cooking recipe. This would have been a better layer if we'd had enough eggs to make a whole batch instead of a half-batch (it got spread pretty thin).
Layer 3: Thinly sliced strawberries from our farm box.
Layer 4: Freshly whipped cream with a bit of sugar and some mint extract (we were going to use mint from the farm box, but when we tried to extract it in vodka it got this weird grassy taste, so we used regular peppermint extract instead).
Layer 5: More pastry.

I believe I will go have another.
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