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The Easter Bunny Does Exist!

Found these in the lime tree this morning:

Aren't they pretty? Here are the other sides:

I have put them in a little dish on the coffee table for admiring purposes.

chinders thinks they came from the kids next door. I have my own suspicions. :)

(Also I am home sick today. Poor me.)

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:) That's wonderful. They're so detailed! Hope you feel better soon.

Ah, my suspicions are friendslocked. Let me fetch the link out of it. I believe these were dyed using this technique, which does indeed appear to give quite lovely results.

Neat! I was thinking it was systematic dye and wax, myself - and this would be MUCH simpler. I'm kind of sad we didn't have enough time to do anything for Easter this year. We almost crashed a church easter egg hunt...but then I thought the better of it.

I am not an Easter-celebrator myself, but egg hunts are awfully fun. brooksmoses and I went to the park on Sunday and saw a little girl marching by holding a small inflatable globe over her head and singing about how she'd found the giant egg. It was great.

I am so thrilled to see that the blue flowered one came out well. I had to run off before that batch was done, so I didn't get to see how lovely they turned out! Thank you for finding them, so I could see how they did.

You're welcome! Thank you for making them. I really like the blue flower too.

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