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Busy busy busy!

This has been quite the busy week.

Wednesday: Lunch with tenacious_snail at Taqueria Los Charros, which is amazingly good, cheap, and fast. You don't usually find all three of those in the same place. (The prices in that review are a little out of date, but they haven't gone up by all that much.) tenacious_snail is a very pleasant lunch companion.

Thursday: Dinner with a friend from TAMS who's been at Berkeley for the last... five years... which I had completely forgotten until he sent me e-mail to say hi on my birthday. Items of interest: He's doing well. Applebee's' only vegetarian non-dip foods are fried mozzarella sticks and an item they jokingly call a "pizza", which is sort of an open-faced quesadilla made of bland. I have developed a deficiency in my ability to recall whether I know someone from TAMS or from UT, which made trying to catch up on who's doing what confusing for everyone involved.

Friday: San Francisco! I biked to the Caltrain station, then took Caltrain to the last stop, then switched to the MUNI N line and took that all the way out to the end, which left me at the western edge of the city. I walked up along the edge of Golden Gate Park, then in at the tulip garden and wandered eastwards through the whole thing. I passed the bison paddock, where the bison were all lying down at the far end of the field like furry brown boulders, walked around a long skinny lake with very thorough signs explaining why exactly you shouldn't feed the birds or release pet turtles, and watched lots of different kinds of dogs. I climbed up to the top of Strawberry Hill in the middle of Stowe Lake and back down again, discovered around 5:00 that the arboretum and botanical gardens had closed at 4:30, strolled up Tea Garden Drive, turned left to see the rose garden (not blooming much as yet, but a few plants had gone for it), wandered back east along the wooded path, went south through the rhododendron dell to the AIDS Memorial Grove, and popped out the southeast corner of the park, where I located the streetcar after only mild frazzlement and discovered that I had exactly enough change to pay for it. I then proceeded to get off at the wrong stop, but it wasn't significantly farther from my destination than the planned endpoint, so no harm done.

Said destination was Borderlands Books, which is a pretty cool place I shall have to go back to. There I met brooksmoses, rosefox, and sinboy, the latter two of whom were passing through on their way home from their honeymoon in Japan. I also met the store "cat", who is hairless and therefore not a cat at all but a gremlin. Quite a friendly gremlin, even if she did think my braid was something live and edible. Then we had dinner at Savanna Jazz with more of rosefox and sinboy's friends, which was lovely.

Saturday: andres_s_p_b and I went to the Maker's Faire, which was truly awesome. There were glassblowing and neon sign making demonstrations, large and exciting tools for cutting various things into complex and fascinating shapes, 3-D printed metal objects of wondrous intertanglement, adorable baby clothes, two separate historical re-enactment groups, steam-powered remote controlled vehicles, a model pterosaur, a giant crane made out of Legos, fighting robots, a robot that found and blew out a candle in a maze, a small flock of autonomous blimps, many electric and alternative-fuel vehicles, assorted kinetic sculptures and motion-control devices, and lots more. It was totally cool. Then we darted home just long enough to get changed and headed out to meet brooksmoses, suzanne, miyasato, miyasato's mentee, and three other people who may or may not have LiveJournals for dinner at Sushi Boat KAZOO, which was okay for a sushi place. Then it was off to TAIKO with the DRUMS and the LOUD and the VERY ENTHUSIASTIC PERFORMERS from San Jose Taiko which was AWESOME. Wheeee! They have a class in the summer, which I may need to investigate more thoroughly. I have not been involved in enough good loud things lately; my poor lungs are insufficiently vibrated. One interesting side effect of the concert was that I experienced the various thumping noises of the road and the car on the way home as music, which was an interesting state of mind and one which I will make a note to replicate as often as possible.

And now it is Sunday. Things to do today: sew buttons back on (My pajamas have been short a button for, oh, a month or two now, and the shirt I was wearing on Thursday managed to lose one button in the grocery on the way home after dinner and another button when I took it off when I got home. I am most displeased, but I do have all the buttons, so I will sew them back on, correctly this time. I don't know what's wrong with clothes these days.), call parents, retrieve bicycle from Caltrain station (I was going to get Andres to give me a ride out this morning and just ride it back, but he didn't finish everything he wanted to do before rushing off to meet some folks for a very long board game, so I will have to use the rack instead. Phooey.), write next week's to-do list. Whew!
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