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Calliope, April 2006 - April 2009
She was an awfully good girl. We'll miss her.

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i'm so sorry! *hug* to you all. including the other rats...

losing a pet is never easy!

I'm very sorry. Three years is a good run.

Indeed it is. I think she enjoyed the time she had.

Those little guys are so joyful. They eat up life the way they eat fruit, scraping every last bit off the rind with their teeth, quick quick quick but loving every moment.

(Deleted comment)
Aw, poor Calliope.... hugs/condolences offered.

Thank you. I like virtual hugs.

Awww... sorry to hear that, even if three years is pretty good. (hug)

Here's a little video clip I took of her yesterday gnawing on a food brick. She was fine then, if ancient and tired all the time, but had really gone downhill today and spent most of the day half-comatose, developed some trouble breathing, and eventually gave up around 6:00. Far from unexpected, but still sad. :(

So sorry for your loss.

Thank you. I hope they rest in peace.

I also hope that, if the dead do begin to rise, we have the presence of mind to head up to the Secret Rat Burial Ground and collect them, because otherwise they will be so confused.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Losing pets is so hard

Losing a pet is so hard -- i don't look forward to that with our beloved dogs.

Re: Losing pets is so hard

Thanks. Yeah, the short life span is definitely one of the tough things about rats.

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