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Lucky Charms
This morning, the Mountain View train station smelled like Lucky Charms. Not the platform; not the inside of the bike shelter; but the outside of the building smelled like Lucky Charms. There did not appear to be any kind of spilled food or unusual object in the vicinity to explain it.

On the way home, the San Francisco train station smelled like Lucky Charms. Not anything I was carrying; not any obvious food-selling cart or anything; not the train; and, later, not the Mountain View station anymore.

I am extraordinarily perplexed.

(The San Francisco station sometimes smells like the bread baking in the Subway. This is a good smell, but not at all like Lucky Charms. It did not smell like bread this morning, or noticeably of anything else.)

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The upper floors of Perkins Library at Duke University used to have a smell I called "old birthday cake," which could be the same as your Lucky Charms smell--slightly sweet over something like flour. I assumed it was in part the smell of the older, yellowing books. Nice memory for me. I have no idea how the outside--whole world --could smell that way!

I have developed a hypothesis, which is that it was perhaps some sort of cleaning product.

I actually noticed a Lucky Charms smell to the outside of the building I work in a couple of weeks ago.

I have developed a second hypothesis, which is that it's the scent of traveling leprechauns.

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