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Greens Review

Chard: Two thumbs up, will eat again. With enthusiasm! (And garlic.)

Orach: Described as being just like spinach but purple, this surprised me by being both more like spinach and more purple than I was expecting. It gives off a liquid which is really remarkably purple, rather as though a radioactive magenta pen had sprung a leak. Tastes okay, but nothing to write home about.

Escarole and Turnip Greens (cooked together): Bitter. I added vinegar, which helped some. Edible, but not good.

Arugula (eaten raw in salad): Peppery. I kind of liked it, sufficiently diluted with lettuce, but Andres has declared it anathema and Doesn't Want Any.

There are supposed to be dandelion greens in the next box. I will be leaving those in the swap box because we've tried them before and they're nasty.
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