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Calliope is 3 years old this month
She is the second-oldest rat we've ever had. Her back legs don't work too well, although they seem to have plateaued rather than continuing to deteriorate. She's tired most of the time.

She's sitting on my lap now. She had a spoonful of peanut butter earlier, which thoroughly wore her out, but she's woken up again now and seems to be looking for something. Ah. More peanut butter. Of course. She seems quite happy with a spoon to lick.

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Three? Dang. I'm seriously impressed. I thought I was hot soup for keeping Aki with me until month thirty-four, and that was only with three surgeries for tumor removal! (Actually I still think I'm hot soup for that.)

My Yuki was sick pretty much the whole time I had her, with the dreaded myco. She wheezed and her fur was coarse but she was a darling and I think her quality of life was still pretty decent. When I let the rats out for a romp she would usually drag herself up my pant leg and settle down on my knee, bruxing. I would have preferred that she be well, of course, but if she had to save her strength I'm glad she chose to do it on my knee.

Niobe (in the icon there) made it to 39 months. Our vet was impressed. So were we; she's been longest-lived by a long way until Calliope started catching up. Given tumors and respiratory infections and so on, I kind of figure everything past 2 years is bonus.

34 months is indeed soup of piping hotness.

Yuki sounds very sweet. That's the one nice thing about when girls start feeling poorly, is they'll spend time with you instead of charging off to do Important Rat Things.

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