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Sounds fun. The boundary testing gets ever more festive. You seem more calm than me. Hopefully it goes easier. :)

Ah, the amazing joys (and challenges)! Everything sounds as lovely as it can be.

They are pretty amazing in their intelligence and decision-tree testing...

Our smaller one, now four, will throw off her clothes, and say, "I want to wear this", and we occasionally get to try to persuade her, sorry, it's not practical for what we're doing today...

We have one easy sleeper, like Mom, and one night-owl, as bad as Dad, who we're trying to train into early sleeping.

Never having been primary caregiver for a child that age, I'm loving reading about your observations. I remember a small niece in a borrowed high chair at lunch with extended family, being told "Sit down. Sit down, Keira. Down on your bottom" and then she got a look on her face that could have been interpreted as "Aha I have found a loophole", turned about, and planted her diapered butt on the high chair tray full of scattered food. The uncles, aunts, and grandparents all roared with laughter because it seemed to us like a perfect smartarse response, but afterwards I thought, no, why would she know that her parents didn't want her to sit there, they didn't say that.

Oh my god, the testing.

DAMN good thing they're cute.

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