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Questions, Questions, Who's Got Questions?
I'm bored. That makes it an excellent time for Random Question Day. Got random questions? I've got random answers. (Possibly also carefully-constructed nonrandom answers. Depends how interesting the question is.)

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Left at the first light, right at Albuquerque, and straight on 'til morning. You can't miss it.

Blue menthol fish sticks in trees.

Well, if it resists then obviously you need to go back and work on the basic desensitization more. Try starting from the beginning in a different location.

What is your guess for how long it will take me to finish the half-marathon? :)

Two and a half hours. Followed by TRIUMPH!

Edited at 2012-02-01 01:11 am (UTC)

(I can spell, really I can.)

If I manage that there will indeed be triumph.

What goes with squash ravioli?

Tuscan kale salad, roasted asparagus, tomato-basil-mozzerella bruschetta, and/or something involving spinach and pine nuts.

Though this time of year I might go for sun-dried tomatoes on the bruschetta, unless you have a tomato-based sauce for the ravioli. I like sun-dried tomatoes.

(I recommend either a pesto or a cream sauce with squash ravioli, though.)

Gorgonzola cheese sauce with dried sour cherries and walnuts.

Mmm, cherries and walnuts. I am making a little mental note here.

Yes, like tiger_spot, I am making a little note too. I wonder where to get dried sour cherries around here....

(I also wish to complain that the evening after you posted this, it was my turn to make dinner, and I looked at the rather-bare larder and asked Theresa for ideas, and got "squash ravioli with gorgonzola sauce", and a very sad look when I pointed out that neither were the ingredients on hand sufficient for such, nor was there time to make ravioli. "But, but, squash ravioli with gorgonzola! It would be tasty!" I was told.)

(But someday we will make squash ravioli, on a weekend when there is time, and it will indeed be tasty. So all is good. Better than good.)

I deny the gorgonzola part because I would never say that. But the rest of it is true!

She was not wrong.

As for dried sour cherries, I would expect them to be with raisins and things in the cereal aisle, but if they're not, try a co-op or a Whole Foods.

Yeah, the Whole Foods had them yesterday.

What makes a kale salad Tuscan?

Here's a good recipe.

In addition to removing the midribs, squish up the kale in your hands to soften it; it is nicer to eat that way. I use bigger chunks of toasted bread than crumbs, maybe half-inch roughly-cubes, and add sunflower seeds 'cos they're yummy.

Everybody likes sunflower seeds!

Although last week we were out of sunflower seeds and I put unsalted pistachios on my brassica salad instead. Oh. That was an idea whose time had come.

Mmm. Those would be good too. Pumpkin seeds, also tasty.

Tusks. Avoid elephant; they're not sustainable. Boar is best, though you can use walrus for a zesty seafood flavor. Thinly slice the tusks and toss with kale. You now have tusk and kale salad.

(My mom used to buy this mix for Tuscan Bean Soup. The first time we had it, we asked what it was, and it sure sounded like she said "tusk and bean soup" until further explanation was given.)

It seems rather more plausible in soup, given the existence of soup bones, than in salad.

Why is my romantic life nonexistent? And if prunes are dried plums, what the hell is prune juice?

Can't help you with the first one.

As for the second one: a warrior's drink.

1. Probably you are just an unlucky introvert. Have you tried asking your friends to introduce you to eligible persons of your general preferences? It's old-fashioned but reasonably likely to result in a pleasant evening. Or you could move out to the Bay Area; that seems to work for a lot of people.

2. Ooh! I know this! Prune juice isn't really juice in the same way that, say, orange juice is. It's made by taking the prunes (dried already) and stewing them in water, so it's more like an extract or sort of fruit tea.

So you take the water out of the plum and then soak the resulting dried plum in different water? What the hell kind of farcical exercise is that?

I don't know, man, I didn't do it!

That actually has more relevance to my romantic life than I initially imagined it would.

If a woodchuck chucked wood at the top of the Great Pyramid, would it make a sound?

Yes. There would be a kind of rattling bouncing sound all the way down, and then from off-screen a humorous camel squeal.

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